November 25, 2012 in News


I’ve recently published a children’s picture book about a circus of acrobatic fleas, dancing ladybugs, daredevil grasshoppers, and musical beetles, all traveling around the world to entertain children and inspire dreams. The story is based on the lyrics to the title track of my album “Ukulele Jim’s Jumping Flea Circus“.

It’s available now for order as a beautiful 44-page full-color illustrated softcover book. The CD actually comes with the book, too.

This project was funded through Kickstarter with help from the following wonderful people: Aaron Scullin, Adam J Hicks, Alexander Hawson, Andy Clark, Brian Murken, Brittany Davidson, Bryan Ramos, Carmina H Sia-Dictor, Charlene Henry, Charlotte Terzian, Chris Goodwin, Chris Lin, Courtney Andelman, Crystal L Howe, Dan Taylor, David & Angela Hamilton, David Martin, Desiree Monique-Harris, Edward O’Regan, Elizabeth Imhof, Eric T. Newsom, Greg Spalenka, Hector Tan, Hope Newberry, Ian Traynor, Ildiko Palmer, Jeri Bock, Jessica Anne Roberts, Joseph Dean Longoria, Kay Heltmach, Kevin Coulston, Kevin Fryza, Kevin Jackson, Konrad Taylor, Kristine Scullin, Lowell B Stouder, Mark Struven, Matt Groener, Michael Collins, Michael Woods, Michele Hunt, Patricia M Rovan, Paul Ure, Rob Browning, Robert Else, Ryan Newell, Ryan Rifkin, Sean Branam, Sharon Hoffmann, Sherral Smith, Stephen Cheong, Stufenfedder’s Traveling Lyceum and Flea Circus, and Thomas Mauer. THANK YOU ALL!

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